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Information ArchiTECH was founded in 2011 by programmer turned entrepreneur Aaron Lozier, as a full-service web development and technology company. It quickly became very successful building custom software for a variety of industries including insurance, real estate, medical, legal, technology, and construction. In 2013 the Information ArchiTECH team partnered with Potenza Inc. CEO Frankie Russo to help realize his vision of full attribution for all marketing dollars spent.

The first product Aaron and Frankie’s teams developed and took to market was a cloud-based web application called Potenza Intelligence dashboard. With Intelligence, companies could track clicks and searches by region, day of the week or web platform, alongside tracking ad buys and air time in traditional media. The product became especially popular among broadcast media outlets looking to fold upstart digital media services into their marketing divisions. The ability to demonstrate the value of an ad dollar split among a rapidly multiplying network of streams is an essential tool for a TV station mutating into a one-stop media agency, which according to Russo is a trend across media. Plain and simple…

“Intelligence is about getting more dollars out of your marketing.”

In just two years, the Potenza Intelligence dashboard became a massive success within the broadcast and automotive industries. Seeing the potential of combining an already successful marketing, creative and interactive company with a tech-arm as talented as Lozier and his team at Information ArchiTECH, Potenza Inc. acquired Information ArchiTECH in 2015. Thus, Potenza Innovations was born.

Today, Potenza Innovations is headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana with an additional office in India. The Innovations offices house designers, software engineers, and strategists that are the masterminds behind not just a leading intelligence dashboard, but a whole suite of marketing and automation tools called Return Flight.

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